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allow werld!

So it's time to post something or google will probably drop me. This Friday is DJ Nitekrawlers "Moneytown" at Dahlak. Come check it out.


And it's a long day, livin’ in reseda...

...there’s a freeway, runnin’ thru the yard.

Aloha folks. Hope all is well and good out there on the internets. Things have been busy with me to say the least (hence almost a month since my last post). The Saturday night gigs are picking up at the 'Sinister Sound Sessions' at Bungalow's in Chantilly, VA. We hold down the Monkey Bar and are proudly sponsored by Gorilla Fist. No themes, I swear. Just some good music, cheap drinks and a fun place to get down. Come check it out if you get a chance.

Ahh, lets see. Still no word on the album, it's been back burner'd for now since gigs have picked up.

Had another great show with the Crooks just before the 4th of July. I highly recommend checking those guys out if you get a chance.

Aight, quick one and I'm out. New gigs at the Mad Moose in Stafford, VA on July 18th from 8PM on and at Bungalow's in Chantilly, VA on July 12th from 9PM on.

Oh, and Dante Carfagna will be spinning funk at DJ Nitekrawler's new night at Dahlak's in DC this Friday July 11th from 10PM on.

Hope to see you at any of these.

A little old school flavor for you all:


The wrap up.

Back in VA again and a little time on my hands now.

Last Thursday was a hoot. First a show as the new DJ for the Crooks at the Majestic Club in Falls Church. They were the opening act, went through about 7-8 songs and they killed it. These guys have great stage presance and attitudes. Check em out if you get a chance. Looks like I'll be their DJ for future gigs, and it'll be good to work with some proper rappers/artists for once.

Right after that show, I had to be in downtown DC for Heat. DJ Nitekrawler hosts a sick Funk & Soul night at St Ex every 2nd Thursday. He invited me to come out and join him on the decks that same night. So, packed the gear as fast as I could and sped down to DC. 11:30 PM I was in the door and Nitekrawler was tellin me I was on in 1 record. Besides never using the mixer at that place (and the headaches that go along with something like that) I had a great time and spun out 2 all 45 (7") funk sets. Thanks again to Kevin for hooking that up.

A day of rest (and a real 9-5 work) and I was on the road to the southern shore of MD for a Luau party. Had a great time and met some good kids down that way. Big up to MK Skills for putting that together. I hope that kid's head doesn't hurt him to bad from passing out on that concrete.

I'll be taking it easy till Sat, when it's the first night at the Gorilla room at Bungalow's in Chantilly. And keep an eye out for some Thursday nights host by me at the Majestic, news to follow on that ASAP.

I'm out.

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We meet again

Well, here we are, we meet again. Friday, I swear we only hang out once a week, and I don't really pay much attention to you, and for that, I'm sorry. I'm just so exiceted when your here I forget to enjoy the time we have.

Right, moving on. Heading down to Stafford/Qauntico tonite to hang with DJ Epidemic and ourselves spinning at some bars down that way. He swears marines are a good crowd, we'll see. Looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend. Kickball midseason party is tomorrow, so that is a garunteed shit-show. I'll be sure to post pics, if I can work the camera.

Hopefully Sunday I'll be able to get some studio time in to finish at least one track. I'm working on a new Bmore/Funk remix of a sweet little diddy. I'd love to tell you, but I'm holding it out for the album.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


VA Beach and onward!

Hey all. I'm back from my vacation to VA Beach. I should have pictures up tomorrow or Wednesday. Had a great time down there, had a lot of time to figure out some tracks for the new album and will getting that underway tonight.

MK Skillz b-day was a blast, Bungalow's in Chantilly is a nice spot to rock out at. He's hooking up a party out in Maryland this coming June 14th. I'll have more details on that that as soon as I hear them.



Recovery is a long time mistress

So I'm finally recouped from being sick and party'ing last weekend. This one to come should be a hoot.

Saturday is Dan's Bday/my Memorial Day party. Turntables, Beer, Wii, and standard shenanigans will ensue.

Sunday is MK Skillz B-day which I'll be spinning down in Chantilly. Should be a good funky time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will. I'll try to set the SHOUTcast server up to stream from my tables live on Saturday so you too can enjoy our party.


I just love this video and song...

Yeah, I drop this version at parties. What?